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Course Brief
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Course Summary
This course reviews and practices the usage and architecture of SIP and IP Telephony. The course starts with a brief overview of traditional telephony, then with IP telephony basics, and then goes into the details of SIP and RTP, including SIP components and messages, call processing and SIP architectures along with RTP/RTCP and voice transfer. The course provides the participant with the principles of operation along with real life examples that illustrates the theory.
What you'll learn

  • Introduction to telephony, call establishment and switch types, PCM, Codecs and voice quality parameters
  • IP telephony basics, including the IETF protocols and SIP, the ITU-T and the H.323 protocol, and packetized voice
  • SIP architecture and components – clients, servers and gateways, including proxies and redirect servers, the registrar and location services
  • SIP header structure and message types, including SIP methods and response codes, message structure, packet handling, SIP call flows and call routing
  • SDP – Session Description Protocol
  • SIP call flows and call routing

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