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Course Summary
In this course you will be exposed to three basic elements that influence the inter-personal interaction, whether we are dealing with a short term random or long term relations. The first element is trust, which form the base for any relationship. The second is the sense of rejection, and the ways for dealing with it, and the third is the must for validation. This course is about understanding these elements using basic methodologies and deep insights regarding our negotiation parties and through these bringing the negotiation into a successful track. The understanding of these principles enables us to manage an effective professional negotiation, in contrary to the intuitive and emotional process that we are used to, that can be destructive to the process.
What you'll learn
  • Analyzing situations during negotiation, and respond in a structured way
  • The importance of different factors in relationships, which affects negotiations
  • Work situations which surprises us, or caught us "unprepared", and still make the best out of them
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