Network Analysis Using Wireshark
Yoram Orzach Profile Picture Yoram Orzach CTO at eKnower
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About This Skill Many stories about networking originate with the “slow network” syndrome, where angry users and IT managers initiate urgent calls to complain about the network. The clincher is that in most cases the network is not to blame. In fact it is the application—the hardware or the OS—with the lowest chance of the problem actually being the network.
To check the source of the problem—and, if it is the network, to determine the exact issue—you need analysis tools, of which the open source Wireshark application is the most common.
In this set of courses you learn approaches to network analysis, get introduced to the tools available for network examination, and learn how to use Wireshark features for that purpose. Most importantly, we walk you through, step by step, to isolate and solve networking problems. Starting with Ethernet analysis, IP and ARP, we dive deeply into TCP performance issues, focus on protocol issues and problems, and learn about network forensics and how to use Wireshark. In the courses, we use Wireshark version 2, accompanied by numerous examples and capture files that you can open and use for self-learning purposes.