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Volume License
Need to train 5 people or more?

We offer great deals on volume licensing and group training, along with tools for team management. Our volume licensing programs offers better pricing, based on enrollments, and a license to managers dashboard. Contact us for more details.

eKnower's Managers Dashboard Keep track of your student's progress with our user-friendly management dashboard. You can keep track of groups or individuals and, send new assignments, message students and much more. you can even sign new students to courses and expand your content packages. It's that easy. More about eKnower Learning Management Dashboard
A Tailor Made Solution
CONTENT CREATION PROCESS 1 2 3 4 Technical Team We start on the sketch-board, to agree on a method, script and a didactic approach. Our team consult through the process of adapting the most suitable delivery form for every content. That's where content shapes into a different form. We create a full scale of visual language which speak for your content. Icons, typography and color schemes help deliver you content in a precise, accurate way. Graphics Team Multimedia Team Your content wakes into life, taking the shape of a video course. Each course is different - from narrated motion-animated, though filmed courses and up to rich animation videos, everything is possible. A combination of experts test your course, giving it a final touch and improvements. Every team gives it's final feedback, and then you new video course is ready for publish. QA Team
branded platform
Create your own eLearning platform, completely branded for your business. You get full autonomy over your published content and user data, and enjoy fast deployment and ease-of-use.
  • Managed Platform Go live with minimal investment. Save time, money and resources and focus on your core business.
  • Branded Solution A true white label solution: Your logo, your colors, your style. Everything is costumized to match your brand.
  • Integrated Services Video publishing, analytics, virtual community, full eCommerce system and much more, all includded.
  • Your Own Content Bring your own textbooks, video courses and webinars, and publish them in seconds, with vast support and control.
  • Managed Platform Let us take care of maintenance. The platform is regularly updated and upgraded with new features.
  • Scalability Get the right service. Our flexible system can adjust on-the-go, based on variable demands.
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