Managing & Management in a Challenging Reality Bundle Icon Negotiating Through Conflict by Jack Cambria Profile Picture Learn how to manage a complicated stressed negotiation from the former NYPD hostage negotiation team commender. Get a glimpse to some of the most fragile human situations dealt by the NYPD HNT, and utilize those concepts in you own personal environment. Watch The Preview Buy Now for $89 15  Lessons 90  Minutes of Video Content Lifetime Access Access on
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Course: Negotiating Through Conflict

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Description Jack Cambria, a thirty-three year police veteran who recently retired as the New York City Police Department's longest-standing Hostage Negotiation Team Commander, shares the skills used by hostage and crisis negotiators in defusing high-crisis encounters. Reflecting on what negotiation experts have done effectively can allow you to apply it to everyday situations that you are regularly involved in ranging from misunderstandings, business & workplace disputes, and personal conflicts. He  teaches specific skills that crisis negotiators utilize to ease tense situations, to lower emotion, to demonstrate empathy, to build rapport and trust through active-listening skills that are designed to influence others' behavior to achieve a better outcome.
Course Modules
  1. Introduction
  2. Proper Selection of Negotiators
  3. The Importance of Importance
  4. Perceptions and Perspectives
  5. Identifying Emergencies
  6. Communicating Emergency
  7. Words and Phrases to Avoid
  8. Voice Awareness
  9. Hierarchy in Negotiation
  10. Compassion
  11. Emphaty
  12. Distress in Negotiation
  13. Problem Solving
  14. Summary
  15. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
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