Master Network Troubleshooting
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Course Brief
101 Minutes 101 10 Lessons 10 6 Month License 6 Month
Course Summary
TCP/IP is the protocol stack used in the network market and is used as the basis for every communications network. The course covers the protocol stack starting from the basics and working principles via the Internet Protocol (IP) operation and addressing, routers and routing protocols, TCP and UDP which connect between the end applications and network security basics.
What you'll learn

  • The protocol package structure and the roles of each protocol.
  • IP operation and packet structure, along with the IP address structure and classes.
  • The TCP and UDP protocols and their work under regular and heavy load conditions and under broad and narrow bandwidth conditions.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP) operate
  • Routing basics, main routing protocols and their operation principles
  • Network security principles, including the risks and how to protect against them.

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