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Course Summary
The course “Wireshark Basics” describes the Wireshark software, providing an in-depth description of how to work with the software to troubleshoot your network. The course starts with basic operation of the software and how to locate it in the network for optimized packet capture, and goes through capture and display filters, statistical tools, IO graphs, and TCP stream graphs. Taking this course will provide you with the knowledge required for network analysis, preparing you for the next courses on TCP/IP and application analysis. The course is based on the new Wireshark release 2 software.
What you'll learn

  • To configure Wireshark for packet capture and locate it properly in the network
  • To configure capture and display filters and use them to capture or display only required information
  • To describe Wireshark statistical tools, including the basic statistics tools, IO graphs, and TCP stream graphs, and how to use them for deep understanding of network phenomena
  • Understand the Expert system, and use it for understanding network problems

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